Friday, August 28, 2009

4H FUN for our Mackaroni

Mack and his steer, practicing and getting ready for the Canyon County Fair in July.
Here's Mack at the Canyon County Fair, sprucing up his steer for showing in Quality. His first time showing a steer.
Mack at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds with his blue ribbon pig. Mack also won a 2nd place red ribbon for Showmanship, in his class. He was VERY excited to get 2nd.
At the Western Idaho Fair in August, we found a tractor on the fairgrounds that had "Mack Attack" painted on the side. Had to take a photo :-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Camping with the Fam

DH, his Dad and brother went on a 3 day camping trip this past week. They had a really good time! Lots and lots of hiking and plenty of fishing and eating good camp food. Here is a picture of their spoils.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mac-a-roni went to town riding on a steer....

The torch has been passed...and he lasted maybe one second before he hit the dirt. Oy gevalt, he hit his tuches, but at least no loch in kop. (I don't know why I just went Yiddish on you all.) Anyway, maybe we'll get lucky and he won't want to try it again. Awful cute in the cowboy getup, though.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning Surprise

This is what I found this morning in the kitchen sink. No, it's not the spoon. I risked life and limb to drop a spoon in the sink so you could see and appreciate the size of the thing that I encountered. Watch and see.

It's length and breadth was greater than the end - what do you call that - the ladel part of the spoon? Anyway, it (the spider) was huge. The sight of the thing brought me back to fond memories at a good friend's house, trying to catch a similar sized arachnid from underneath her cabinets. Once we got it in a cup, she took it to the U of I Extension office and was told it was a "common" house spider. Trust me, there was nothing common about it. Sorry all you master gardeners, but it -- upon my Knight (aka my husband) coming to my rescue to slay the beast -- it crunched. It was super disgusting. Better that then letting it go into my garden and risk encountering it again some day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Update in Pics #4

Dad called, and we had some good news to share. The plastic has arrived!

Random photo - Craig's been growing corn for the pigs in the old cucumber patch.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Update in Pictures #3

These loaded in a backward order of how I wanted them. So I'll go through one by one.
First pic is inside of greenhouse.
Second pic is view from the wash pen to the side of the barn and end of greenhouse. Craig has planted grass, but it wasn't warm enough - so he's planted more grass to fill in. We'll mow this grass and feed it to the chickens. Also helps with weeds and soil erosion.
Third pic is entrance to the future wash pen, where we'll hose down our pigs. Needs to have a bit more concrete poured to add to the existing concrete
Fourth pic is another view of the wash pen.
Fifth pic is the second part of the walkway from the driveway to the pig barn. As you walk along the alley, the greenhouse is on your left (those are the installed fans that you can see). The first thing you pass as you turn the corner into this alley is the boar pen first (you can't see it in this picture), then 2nd comes the water holding "tank" (block wall there) and then the 3 outdoor pig pens, and then finally you come to the entrance of the red barn where there are three more pens inside and 2 farrowing (birthing) pens.

Update in Pictures #2

First two photos: Boar pen inside and entrance to the boar pen.
Third photo: View from the road - approaching our property. Notice the beginning of the siding on the gabled end that butts up to the warehouse (click on the photo to get a larger pic to look at).
Last two photos: View, from the roof of our house, of the entire greenhouse complex.